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Hello! I’m Ivan Jekic, professional family and microstock photographer based in Serbia, Europe. Working in a team with my creative assistant and lovely wife Milica we built our own family business. I studied photography at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade and worked as a photojournalist for newspaper agencies, Hubert Burda Lisa magazine and also freelanced as a web designer. Then my wife got pregnant and life changed!

First family portrait

When we got our sweet little daughter Sunčica, I began to realize that family photography and children’s portraits were something that I just had to make. Something that’s beautiful and challenging, pure and everlasting.
We are all living in a disposable society, overcrowded with the products with very limited shelf life and use. Family images on the contrary are very personal, timeless and unique. Even those worn and torn photographs can sometimes be the only reminder of someone that you used to know and love. Someone who you loved with all your heart and was a part of your childhood. Those images invoke dear memories and emotions, reminding us humans what we are all about. Then why not making them even more beautiful?

Happy little boy

Suddenly, the whole meaning of photography got a lot bigger and much more important. I’m not just creating photographs as a product, I’m literally involved in other people’s life events and their precious moments. It’s a privilege.
I want those moments to be captured at the peak of the emotion and in its full glory. I want them to shine and many decades later, I want the parents to remember how everything used to be. How their kids used to play, how they looked like in the “good old days“. And when their children’s children get older, I want them to be proud of their grandmother and grandfather. It’s not easy, it’s a challenge.

In this blog, I’ll share my inspirations, creative photo stuff, some practical things you need to know when photographing children, how to effectively use your camera (or a smartphone!), what works and what to avoid, etc.Family kisses

A separate section will deal with second most important task in photography – post production. It’s when you actually go home and develop your images on computer how you envisioned. Even some photographers don’t really realize how important this part is. This is often more important than the camera you’re using! Successful editing and retouching is a skill that can take your good images to the next level and make them look amazing and unique.

Cute little girl

I will write about practical and creative use of Adobe Photoshop and its plugins. Editing & retouching, common issues, using your own critical thinking and focusing on the subject without overdoing it.

Feel free to comment, share or ask questions. You can also like our fan page on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Or use an RSS for Google Reader. So many options!
If you’re interested in photography, portraits and Photoshop, this will be the place to read our mind. It’s going to be fun!

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